It significantly improves the quality of life of a person affected by ASD


Hyperbaric therapy significantly improves the quality of life of a person affected by ASD

For several years hyperbaric chambers have been successfully used to support the therapy of relieving ASD symptoms.

relieving ASD symptoms . Treatments in hyperbaric chambers eliminate numerous neurological problems that are connected to autism. The researchers made a simple conclusion: If hypoxia is one of the causes of ASD, an extra dose of oxygen will help. HBOT strongly oxygenates the brain and the whole body, improving blood flow and stimulating microcirculation. It provides the body with the oxygen at the pressure 15 times higher than the oxygen inhaled during breathing. Blood, lymph, and cerebrospinal fluid carry oxygen to every tissue and cell, including the brain. It oxygenates the brain cells stimulating them to functioning.

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New cells are formed and connections are made between them. In addition, new stem cells multiply, which 'repair' and revitalize the body. At the same time, inflammation is significantly reduced. The body gets rid of toxins, bacteria and yeasts, which further aggravate the symptoms of any disease. Oxidative stress is reduced with oxygen therapy.

Although oxygen therapy does not cure autism, it significantly improves the quality of life of the affected person by:

1.Reduction in brain inflammation

2.Acceleration of intestinal regeneration

3.Eliminating bacteria and fungi

4. Removing toxins from the body

5.Strong multiplication of stem cells

6.Strengthening the immune system

As a result, parents observe in their children a better ability to communicate, improved concentration and greater activity. The child's language skills and motor skills improve. Intestinal problems are reduced and the appetite is improved. Better sleep quality reduces emotional irritability. Hyperbaric therapy improves the quality of life not only of a child struggling with autism, but also of its family. Oxygen therapy is also indicated for the support of ADHD and Asperger's syndrome therapy.

IMPORTANT: Remember that hyperbaric oxygen therapy does not replace basic treatment, but only complements it.