COVID 19 - Informations

Oxygen hyperbaric therapy is one of the few methods that helps in treating complications after COVID-19

Most patients diagnosed with COVID-19 combat the virus within several days but almost all of them struggle with other symptoms related to Sars-Cov-2 during the recovery process. The major complications known as post covid syndrome include:

  • breathing problems, shortness of breath
  • cconstant tiredness
  • headaches
  • arthralgia
  • pain in the chest
  • total or partial loss of smell and / or taste
  • the so-called brain fog (difficulty remembering and concentrating, confusion)
  • disturbances in motor coordination and problems with maintaining balance
  • feelings of anxiety, panic and depressionSee Collection
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    Hyperbaric Chamber Ireland

    In the last year, many studies related to the treatment of after-covid syndrome have been conducted around the world. Scientists agree that introducing hyperbaric oxygen therapy to rehabilitation is a very effective method of fighting troublesome ailments after COVID -19. Through sessions in a hyperbaric chamber, the effects of hypoxia are minimized. Inflammation is reduced, tissues of damaged organs are rebuilt and the overall efficiency of the body is improved. The high concentration of oxygen - similar to hospital beds - accelerates the reconstruction of the whole organism.

    Thanks to the increased pressure in the chamber, the blood and plasma are better saturated with oxygen, which more easily enters the lung cells, helping to reverse hypoxia. Pure oxygen at a pressure 3 times higher than the atmospheric pressure causes slow expansion of the lungs damaged by the disease. Their volume increases, and so does their efficiency. The breathing becomes deeper and the body's exercise capacity increases. Oxygen therapy treatments also strengthen the heart, regulate its rhythm and lower blood pressure. Thus, oxygen therapy in post covid rehabilitation reduces the effects of the disease in the cardiovascular system. HBOT helps in relaxation and tranquility. Pure oxygen supplied to the body reduces the secretion of dopamine - the stress hormone responsible for anxiety, depression and tension. Treatments improve the functioning of the entire nervous system, which speeds up recovery and increases the quality of life.

    Thanks to hyperbaric therapy, the count of stem cells in the body increases eight times. They are the cells that have the ability to transform into the cells of other tissues and thus regenerate damaged places in the body. Recent studies carried by US doctors confirm the effectiveness of stem cells in treating complications post COVID-19 disease and even recommend hyperbarics as an additional treatment in the course of the disease. It oxygenates the body, giving it strength to fight the virus. Scientists have proved that between 5 and 7 sessions in a hyperbaric chamber can reverse severe hypoxia in post Sars-Cov-2 patients.