Study finds hyperbaric oxygen treatments stopping and even reversing aging process.

With age, various health problems appear and the body's immunity decreases. Oxygen hyperbaric therapy is an effective ‘tool” in the treatment of the health issues of the elderly.

Hyperbaric therapy is one of the most effective methods in delivering life-giving oxygen to all cells in the body. The hyperbaric chamber delivers pressurized oxygen to the body that has concentration of oxygen 15 times higher than the oxygen we breathe. In this process, this element initiates the healing process of tissue regeneration and revitalization of the body. It penetrates areas where there is no chance of it under normal circumstances , such as wounds or stroke foci. It causes the multiplication of stem cells, improves microcirculation, stimulates brain activity and activates dormant nerve cells.

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Pure oxygen in conditions of increased pressure, saturates blood, plasma, lymph and cerebrospinal fluid well, and these transport it to every, smallest cell of the body. New blood vessels are created (angiogenesis), which affects the efficiency of the nervous system and the reconstruction of axons and the connection of nerve cells. Thanks to these properties, oxygen therapy perfectly supports the treatment of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, as well as post-stroke recovery. Oxygen supports white blood cells in the fight against anaerobic bacteria, which gives excellent results in the treatment of difficult to heal wounds, ulcers, infections and inflammations. Hyperbaria is an ally in the fight against rheumatism. It also supports convalescence after illnesses, injuries, and X-ray irradiation. Numerous studies have confirmed its effectiveness in counteracting diabetic complications and regulating the proper blood insulin level.

Basic benefits of HBOT for the elderly:

1.Improving metabolism in the nervous tissue

2.Improvement of celebral microcirculation

3.Stimulating brain activity and stimulating dormant nerve cells

4.Eliminating swelling and inflammation in the body

5.Preventive measures in the Event of a stroke

6.Stimulating the body to regenerate in the event of damage or disfunction

7.Significant improvementiIn erythrocyte flexibility

8. Improves the efficiency of nervous system

9. Improves overall fitness and well-being

10.Gradual reduction in the intensity of behavioral and cognitive disorders


Hyperbaric therapy for a senior with symptoms of rheumatism:

1.Soothes pain and anaesthesia

2.Reduces inflammation

3.Regenerates all tissues

4.Slowing down the joint destruction process

IMPORTANT: Remember that hyperbaric oxygen therapy does not replace basic treatment but only complements it.