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Nautilius L

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PORTABLE, SOFT, LYING, SITTING, SEMI-SITTING TYPE for commercial use and homecare, for one or two people

The Nautilius L is a super spacious portable , soft hyperbaric chamber with a custom made switch pressure control valve. Adjustable working pressure up to 1.4 ATA in this model is perfectly functional for treatment at home and commercial use. The innovative and ergonomic capsule shape is designed for complete patient comfort and equipped with a memory foam mattress and multi positioning comfort armchair. The highly durable soft material structure provides enough flexibility for assembly, disassembly and freedom of transportation. The operation of this hyperbaric chamber is intuitive and works at low running costs.

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1 Pressure Capsule
2 All-in-One Operating Unit
3 Mattress
4 Folding Chair
Optionally, you can select a cover in your chosen color, available in quantities of 5.

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