New Technology for Veterinary Clinic

According to Henry’s law of physics: In a container of a certain temperature, the partial pressure of the gas is proportional to the solubility of the gas in the liquid. In the cabin, more oxygen will dissolve in the blood and tissues, and the contracted and dilated blood vessels will reduce the swelling of the tissue. At the same time, the increased local oxygen partial pressure of the wound can inhibit the growth of anaerobic bacteria and aerobic bacteria, and enhance the anti-infection of the wound site of the animal and the ability to remove the lesion.


Gastric dilation and volvulus and the associated injuries
Fracture repair, especially open fractures
Gastrointestinal resection and anastamosis
Amputations and skin grafts
Hemilaminectomy and ear canal ablation

Below are the precise specification


  • Pressure:  1.4 ATA (5,8psi)
  • Size: 115x75.6x147.5cm
  • Type: Sitting/lying
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Easy to move – on casters
  • Fully transparent acrylic chamber for easy observation
  • Lower housing made of durable aluminum
  • Control system combines an oxygen concentrator, air compressor and cooling unit
  • Safe automatic pressure relief valve design
  • safety and constant pressure equipment: mechanical and electronic pressure gauges, four groups of automatic constant pressure valves
  • complete monitoring equipment: pressure, temperature, humidity, oxygen concentration
  • device increases oxygen concentration to 55-75% to produce dissolved oxygen
  • tight, secure lock
  • all material pass the non-toxic safety inspection of TUV authority
  • simple operation
  • very safe and comfortable treatment
  • environment protection and saving energy – the power per hour is 1200W
  • physical adsorption oxygen generator – no need for additional oxygen tank
  • the product ist qualified by EU authoritative testing agency
  • voltage 220V
  • Hyperbaric Chamber Ireland
    Hyperbaric Chamber Ireland
    Hyperbaric Chamber Ireland
    Hyperbaric Chamber Ireland
    Hyperbaric Chamber Ireland


    How will the HBOT treatment feel?

    The chamber will be filled with compressed air. Once the chamber has expanded to its filled size, it will start to pressurize. While the chamber is pressurizing, your ears will feel the change in pressure inside the chamber. Otherwise, it should be unnoticeable. To equalize the pressure and avoid the feeling of fullness in your ears, you will need to clear your ears by chewing (gum or food), swallowing, yawning. During the pressurization of the chamber, your mouth may become dry. Once the chamber is fully pressurized, your salivation will return to normal. Additionally, the chamber may become slightly warm while it is pressurizing. Once it is to full pressure, the relief valves will begin to pull the warmer air out of the chamber. Then you can sleep, meditate, read, watch the movie, listen to music, etc.

    How long is the treatment?

    Treatment times are usually 1-2 hours per session, 5-7 times per week.

    Is Hyperbarics good for the Elderly?

    Most definitely. Hyperbarics is great for those in their later years. Hyperbarics provides an immeasurable boost that counteracts the signs of aging. In fact, new research indicates that hyperbaric oxygenation slows Apoptosis (cell death).

    Is Hyperbarics good for Children?

    Yes, hyperbaric yields wonderful results with children. In fact, research with children suffering from brain injuries and genetic disorders shows positive results and great promise. We recommend that children under the age of 16 need to be accompanied by an adult inside the chamber.

    How safe is the Portable Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber?

    Pure oxygen under pressure is extremely flammable. Monoplace hard chambers use pure oxygen under pressure, so safety precautions must be taken when using these chambers. While our chamber uses pressurized room air with an oxygen concentrator. Hence it is safe and not flammable. However, the chamber should not be exposed to any naked flame, cigarette or the like.

    Are there any side effects?

    The most common side effect is a discomfort to the ears caused by pressure changes. To minimize the risk, patients learn to promote the adequate clearing of your ears during pressurization. Some patients may feel tired and dizzy after using a hyperbaric chamber for the first time. It`s a good signal as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy will speeds up the metabolism of our body, just like people feel tired after a long-running. They are usually good signs of indicating detoxification.

    How can I learn about the HBOT?

    The most comprehensive book about HBOT is The Oxygen Revolution by Paul Harch, M.D. This book is geared toward consumers who would like to learn more about how HBOT works and what conditions it treats. The book explores the science behind HBOT, as well as case histories of patients who have benefited from HBOT.

    What about the delivery?

    We can offer the door to door services by air or by the sea just depend on your actual request. Such as DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX, by air and the sea transportations.

    What’s the payment method?

    Bank transfer or cash.

    What’s the delivery time?

    Delivery time depends on the stock level and the type of goods ordered